Prize Structure and Other Regulations

1. Prize: Update

2. Race Monitoring

– Athletes leaving the racecourse are not allowed to return for any purpose. Athletes intentionally shortening the racecourse by taking “shortcut” routes will be disqualified from the race. Cheating behaviors will be documented by race officials, members of the organizing committee, and security camera footage.

– Athletes participating in the 21km, 15km, and 5km races without the official event BIB number, without timing devices, or with unauthorized timing devices will lose their right to compete and be disqualified from subsequent races organized by the committee.

– Athletes are not allowed to receive any assistance from wheeled or motorized vehicles during the competition, except for disabled athletes with the committee’s permission.

– Athletes are prohibited from carrying animals, explosive materials, flammable substances, compressed gases, hazardous materials, or anything that could be dangerous or inconvenient to others on the racecourse.

3. Competition Results

– Competition results will be recorded by the timing devices attached to the BIB. Timing starts when athletes cross the starting line and stop when they cross the finish line.

– Athletes may not be recognized as finishers if

  • Discovered wearing more than 2 timing devices.
  • Their completion time exceeds the Cut-off time.
  • Unusual absence on the racecourse, confirmed by officials and evidence from recording devices.

– Official results will be announced by the organizing committee on the event’s website. Athletes have the right to file complaints and request a review of their own or other athletes’ results, along with clear evidence. Complaints must be submitted to the organizing committee before April 22, 2024.

– Prize awards will be officially announced by the organizing committee on the competition day. Any complaints regarding the results of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in all distances must be submitted before 9:00 AM on April 14, 2024.

– Athletes are responsible for adhering to the regulations and instructions of the organizing committee on the racecourse to ensure accurate results.

– The decision of the organizing committee is final.

4. Disciplinary Measures:

– Violations will be handled according to Decree 158/2013/NĐ-CP dated November 12, 2013, by the Government on the sanctioning of administrative violations in the fields of culture, sports, tourism, and advertising.

5. Force Majeure:

– The organizing committee is not responsible in case the race is canceled or postponed due to force majeure.

– The organizing committee has the right to make rule changes, and amend competition regulations, and will communicate these changes to athletes through written notices, emails, or on-site announcements before the race.

– The organizing committee has full rights to use the information provided by participants, as well as images and videos depicting participants’ activities for legal purposes in media, advertising, exhibitions, etc., to promote the event and the organizing unit.