How to Register:

Step 1: Athletes register online on the website:

Step 2: After successful payment, athletes will receive an automatic confirmation email from the ticketing entity via the email used for registration.

Step 3: Athletes will receive an email notifying them of the BIB number and instructions on how to collect the BIB from the Organizing Committee, at the latest, one week before the event.


Registration Process:

1. Create an account (if you don’t have an ActiUp account)

2. Create a group:

  • Visit the link:

    >>> fill in the group information >>> Send
    *** Note: Set the ‘Registration form expiration date’ to the end date of a ticket sales phase.
  • After creating the group, you will have a unique registration link for the group >>> send the link to members for registration.

3. Complete group registration:

  • After all members have registered, the team leader selects the avatar icon >> Group registration management >> Send information >>> Confirm payment >>> Admin checks the payment instruction email.
  • *** If the discount percentage is incorrect in the ‘send information’ step, the admin can message the event organizers for assistance. After payment, within 1 business day, members will receive a successful registration email. Complete the registration process.

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